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優雅的鬼魂 Graceful Ghost, William Bolcom

優雅的鬼魂 Graceful Ghost (1971, 小提琴與鋼琴合奏版 violin and piano arrangement 1979)

William Bolcom (1938- )

Scott Joplin是世界上偉大的拉格姆特作曲家。他創作了許多著名的樂曲,例如《藝人》,也就是全世界小孩所熟知的冰淇淋卡車歌。美國二十世紀六十年代的音樂界有一輪Scott Joplin的復興運動。威廉·博爾科姆是美國的作曲家和鋼琴師,他曾經獲得了普利策大獎。在1971年,他創作了鬼魂三部曲,其中第三首《優雅的鬼魂》是為了紀念他的父親。這首悲傷而幽深的歌曲精緻而令人著迷。它的曲風與Scott Joplin的” 繁音拍子”風格十分相似。熱愛這首歌的人曾說過:“一旦你聽過William Bolcom 彈奏的《優雅的鬼魂》,你可以毫無遺憾的死去。”現今,仍能在YouTube上找到這段錄音

William Bolcom在1979年將優雅的鬼魂改編成一首精彩的鋼琴和小提琴的合奏曲。相對于鋼琴獨奏曲,這首曲加入了長段的小提琴旋律來塑造出更加令人寬慰和懷念的特性。在演奏這首曲子的時候,我們應該避免演奏過多的Scott Joplin的繁音拍子,因為切分音的韻律已足夠可以向他致敬了。如果我們按照這些要求來彈奏,這首曲子將會是非常動聽的。

Scott Joplin, the great rag composer with famous pieces such as The Entertainer (known by children around the world as the “Ice Cream Truck Song”), enjoyed a revival in American musical consciousness in the 1960s.  William Bolcom, a Pulitzer Prize-winning American composer and pianist, wrote the Three Ghost Rags for the piano in 1971, the first of which, known as Graceful Ghost, was in memory of his father. The sad, spooky nature of this piece is elegant and yet faithful to the Joplin’s rag style.  Fans of this piece comment that once you have heard William Bolcom himself play the Graceful Ghost, you can die without having any regrets.

A masterful concert variation for the Violin and Piano was written by Bolcom himself in 1979. With the violin’s ability to shape phrases in ways the piano can’t, this piece takes on a slightly different, more soothing and wistful character, and to bring out this difference, should be played with longer melody lines compared to the solo piano version.  Excessive ragtime swinging should be avoided, as the syncopated rhythm pays sufficient homage to Scott Joplin.  The result is sheer beauty and ambrosia to the ears.


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