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Q: 澳門古典音樂學會是幹什麼的?What does the Macau Classical Music Society do? 

A: 澳門古典音樂學會希望令更多的澳門市民愛上古典音樂。 Macau Classical Music Society aims to make more classical music lovers in Macau.


Q: 你們準備如何去做? Just how will you do that?

A: 首先,每一個演唱會我們都將提供歌曲背後的故事與分析。這一點點有趣的信息希望會令觀眾更加投入。For starters, for each concert, we will provide the back-stories for each of the pieces we perform in as much detail as we can muster. A little bit of interesting info like this will hopefully better engage the audience.


Q: 就這樣嗎? Is that it?

A: 我們有一些新奇的想法,敬請期待!We have some tricks up our sleeves that we’ll gradually reveal, stay tuned!


Q: 我是一個古典音樂愛好者。我應否要加入你們? I’m a classical music lover. Should I join you guys?

A:  當然!我們歡迎所有人,即使你不住在澳門。本網站會逐漸加上一些所有古典音樂愛好者都會感興趣的內容。Absolutely! We welcome all comers, it doesn’t matter if you live in Macau.  We will gradually add content on this website that should be of interest to all classical music lovers.